Patient Feedback

Patient feedback provides an opportunity to gain a perspective of how your practice is perceived by your patients. Using a questionnaire enables these views to be gathered in a systematic way. The results can help you to identify areas of good practice as well as areas where further development may be required.

How it works

Feedback from patients is gathered using our online questionnaire. This questionnaire is required to be provided to 45 consecutive patients (or their carer if the patient is unable to complete the form themselves) to ensure a full and unbiased representation of your patients’ views. You can gather patient feedback by sending patients a link to a secure online questionnaire.

Sending patients a link to a secure online questionnaire

Sending patients a link to a secure online questionnaire is very simple by using a tool built into the patient feedback page in your InPractice ePortfolio. The system will send a preformatted email with a link to the questionnaire to the patient.

Although you will need to supply the system with an email address, you can assure your patients that:

  • the questionnaire is anonymous
  • no identifying information about them is stored
  • the questionnaire is not used for any other reason than providing feedback on your practice.

The Questionnaire

The InPractice patient feedback questionnaire is adapted from the Patient Questionnaire developed by the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK. We have chosen this questionnaire as it has been extensively researched and validated across a variety of branches of medicine and practice settings.

Your report

Once a sufficient number of individual patient responses have been submitted, and your self-assessment is finished, a report will be generated and then automatically uploaded to your ePortfolio.

Prefer a paper option?

If you prefer to use paper feedback forms, we can provide this service through a different platform at a cost of $249.55. If you would like to proceed with this option, please email your request to