Continuing Medical Education

The purpose of continuing medical education (CME) is to ensure the doctor maintains an up-to-date clinical knowledge. Doctors are required to complete at least twenty hours of CME (including four addressing cultural safety) within each 12 month CPD cycle. The focus of CME activities should be guided by the doctor’s professional development plan (PDP).

There are many activities that occur within daily practice that may constitute CME and InPractice is inclusive of a broad range of activities, in line with the principle that effective CPD is grounded in daily practice. For example CME may include, but is not limited to:

  • Attendance at relevant educational conferences, courses and workshops
  • Self-directed learning programmes
  • Presentations, teaching and preparation of educational material
  • Assessments designed to identify learning needs in areas such as procedural skills, diagnostic skills or clinical knowledge
  • Observations of procedures
  • Writing and publishing reports and articles
  • Journal reading

All CME activities should be recorded in the ePortfolio. The doctor is required to record the activity, relevance to their PDP goals, briefly describe what has been learnt, how this will benefit their patients and assign the time to each activity.

InPractice does not require CME activities to be endorsed in order for them to be counted towards meeting recertification requirements.

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